The Committee

The Perth Hills Tri Club committee are a dedicated and enthusiastic crew, freely giving of their time to create a community that you can be proud to belong to.  If you have any ideas or constructive feedback for the committee please use the form below, anonymously if you prefer.


President  –  Travis Bentley

If ever proof was needed that triathlon isn’t all work and no play then Travis is a great example.  “As a coach I preach that you need to do your easy sessions easy so that you can do your hard sessions hard and I take the same philosophy in life generally.  There’s a time to be serious but if you don’t relax and let your hair down when the opportunity arises the passion soon dies.”  Unfortunately for Travis the days of having hair to let down are well behind him.


Secretary  –  Ian Hainsworth

Dedication.  Whether you’re talking about his family, Ironman training, the club or the employees and clients at his veterinary practice in Mundaring this word would sum Ian up nicely.  Known for telling it like it is with a gentle voice (honestly sometimes you can’t even tell if he’s praising or insulting you!) here is a man who knows exactly how to get things done.


Treasurer  –  Peta Woodland

You know the cliche about accountants being boring?  I guess nobody told this Chartered Accountant by day and coach by night (or early morning.)  A fierce competitor Peta excels (bad accounting pun) at everything she sets out to do and triathlon has been no different, having previously finished third in the Telstra State Series and completing an Ironman in the same year.

Vice President  –  Mike Burns

I first encountered multi sport racing in High School where I was the swimmer in many events across the state.  This progressed to dabbling in a few short course triathlons that soon ceased when I found women and beer.  Work, travel and life occurred for another 25 odd years before I learnt to run and found myself back on the triathlon race course alongside my valued friends at Perth Hills.  For me triathlon and endurance sports are about fitness friendships and fun, all ideals I like to bring to the table as a committee member.


Committee member  –  Abdul-Raouf Mohamed-Isa

Abdul has always enjoyed running and after completing the Perth Ride to Conquer Cancer in 2013 he decided to enter the Telstra Triathlon Series for 2013/2014. He’s always wanted to improve his swimming but in his own words “I don’t think I’ll ever love swimming but I’ve learnt to like it.”

His other interests include trail running, eating and sleeping.


Committee member  –  Renée McMahon

Committee member  –  Nikky Brock

Committee member  –  Jeff Mann