The Club Coaches

Our club coaches bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and of course qualifications to ensure that you are training optimally for improvement, enjoyment and most of all safety.  Injury and illness kills consistency and as we always say, consistency trumps everything else.

All of our coaches are volunteers but we confess that it’s not entirely altruistic.   We coach because of the immense pleasure we get from seeing happy, smiling (and sometimes tortured) athletes pushing their own personal boundaries and building confidence in their abilities.


Travis Bentley

In the 1903 play Man and Superman, George Bernard Shaw wrote “He who can, does; he who cannot, teaches.”  Now it’s never been proven that time travel exists but this solitary line of text may indeed be evidence that Mr Shaw had access to it and spent some years observing the activities of coach Trav.

Travis is what mothers the world over euphemistically call a “real trier.”  With a keen interest in sport from an early age his severe lack of co-ordination resulted a broken arm (twice) and a stint as part of a “horse-riding for the disabled” program in spite of the lack of a physical disability.  Eventually his nervous system caught up with his body and he discovered basketball at the age of thirteen where his height, rather than ability, saw him play at a representative level until twenty years later when he scalped himself in a tragic dunking accident and was forced to retire due to an irreparable hairline injury.

After two years of getting fat and unfit Travis finally found the sport he was destined for, where over-thinkers abound and co-ordination is scarcely missed.  While it would be a stretch to suggest that he competes there is no doubt that he participates with a method and enthusiasm that at times both inspires and horrifies others.  Always willing to test his limits he believes that nothing is impossible, it’s simply a matter of working out the how.

A somewhat casual demeanour belies the eternal curiosity under the surface which generally results in Travis being deep in thought or deep in trouble.  A believer in informal education he is a voracious reader and has developed a knowledge base that has been variously described as “exceptional”, “interesting” and “bizarre.”  To supplement this he’s also got a couple of qualifications and is looking ahead to more.


  • Triathlon Australia Development Coach
  • Athletics Australia Level 2 Intermediate Coach – Recreational Running
  • Athletics Australia Level 2 Advanced Coach – Recreational Running


  • Science of Exercise course by University of Colorado Boulder on Coursera


  • 9 time Ironman finisher
  • Numerous half-distance finishes
  • Founding president, Perth Hills Triathlon Club
  • Representative TWA Club Advisory Group
  • 3rd overall T2 – Ironman WA 2016
  • 2nd overall (1st male) T2 – Ironman Cairns 2016 & 2017
  • Ironman Western Australia Beer Mile organiser and MC – 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018

Rob “Slim” Wiles

He might not look it but “Slim” is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding triathletes in Western Australia.  For twenty four years he’s been out standing on the pool deck, in transition, in the penalty box and in all weather conditions with a huge smile on his face and an encouraging word to say.  If you can find a single triathlete in WA that hasn’t had at least one positive interaction with this man then you can bet they’re so untrustworthy that they probably only do duathlons.

As a technical official, coach and triathlete who has had his share of issues Rob is perfect person to guide our novice athletes as they dip their toes in the water of triathlon.  After years of dedicated service at both Perth and Stadium triathlon clubs we’re very proud that Slim has decided to move a little closer to home and join the Perth Hills coaching team.

On the rare occasions when Rob isn’t doing something related to triathlon he occupies his time with working on his hot rod, visiting Disneyland (he’s been there four times and lists it as his most favouritest place in the universe) or dreaming about yet another series victory for his beloved Queensland in State of Origin rugby league.  You’d think he’d be tired of it by now…


  • Triathlon Australia Development Coach
  • Level 2 Triathlon Australia Technical Official


  • 20 years service as a TA technical official
  • TO at Brisbane Goodwill Games (2001)
  • Ironman New Zealand finisher (2008)
  • 14 time half-ironman finisher
  • 10 time Noosa Triathlon finisher
  • 11 time Mooloolaba Triathlon finisher
  • Best friend of Formula One driver Jensen Button (well he’s met him and they seemed to get on)