The Committee

The Perth Hills Tri Club committee are a dedicated and enthusiastic crew, freely giving of their time to create a community that you can be proud to belong to.  

If you have any ideas or constructive feedback for the committee please send any member of the committee an email, or at the contact@ email address.

President  –  Simone Roach

If Simone had a mantra to live by it would be “moderation in all things” but of course like all people she has a complete inability to live by her intentions. This has resulted in numerous degrees, careers and more recently multiple Ironman finishes. Lucky for her, organising is her true super-power and luckily for us she has put her hand up to do her bit on the committee.

Vice President  –  Caroline Pindur

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Secretary  –  Jocasta Sibbel

Jo is a prime example of Perth Hill’s Tri Club’s motto that triathlons are for everyone. After a few too many wines one evening in 2019 she signed up for the Perth Hills novice course. Despite having more than four decades of exercise avoidance behind her, she hasn’t looked back since and is now a regular at enticer and sprint distance events. She loves being a member of one of the most fun and supportive clubs around.

Treasurer  –  Sean Hutcheon

Sean got into triathlons after doing some running and cycling. Thinking that’s 2/3 of a triathlon, he signed up for a few races, then a few more and now tries to plan holidays around interesting places to race. A firm believer in the Dory mantra of “just kept swimming (and cycling and running)” enjoys the friendships and the motivation that comes with being a member of Perth Hills.

General Committee Member  –  Kingsley Brooks

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General Committee Member  –  Alecia McCall

Alecia grew up playing team sports like softball, soccer, and then hockey. After commencing shift work she could no longer commit to playing these sports but discovered an advert for the Champion Lakes Duathlon and gave it a go on her mountain bike. After reaching the pinnacle of short course duathlons coming 2nd out of 3 participants in her age group she thought it was time to move on to triathlons. Once she realised she couldn’t swim she decided to join PHTC in 2018 to learn. After starting in enticer events and moving up through sprint and Olympic distances, Alecia has now completed multiple half Ironman distances and now aiming for an Ironman finish. Who knows what’s next.

General Committee Member  –  Yanti Ardie

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