Perth Hills Triathlon Club Ten Percent Tour

What’s the Ten Percent Tour?

In tribute to those skinny little racing snakes going around France every July, Perth Hills Tri Club have created a challenge for our (slightly less lightweight) members to help get us all motivated to get off our couches and on to our saddles. This is the time to build some serious base fitness and stave off those cold weather kilos for another year.

From the start of the Tour de France on 1st of July members are challenged to complete just ten percent of the distance and (optionally) elevation of each day’s stage. Twenty-one stages in twenty-three days and only one tenth the effort. Should be easy even for mere mortals like us, right? Right????

The Rules

  • From the 30th of June, a post will appear in the club Facebook Discussion Group setting out the next day’s TdF stage details and the targets that members should hit in order to be declared a “stage finisher.”
  • Cycling distance shall be 10% of the TdF stage distance and elevation 10% of the TdF elevation. Only the hardcore will achieve both.
  • Because we’re triathletes, any stage can be substituted with a run or walk of no less than double the distance in minutes (i.e. 10.3km stage = 20.6min run/walk) for completion.
  • Because all triathletes should swim in winter, any stage can also be substituted with a swim of no less than 1/10th the stage distance (i.e. 10.3km stage = 1030m swimming) for completion.
  • Each stage may only be completed on the day of the corresponding TdF stage.
  • EXCEPTION: Rest days on the TdF can be used to catch up on a single missed stage (but multiple missed disciplines if available.)
  • No stage may be done in advance.
  • Each stage must be completed as a single activity and evidence provided.
  • Evidence may consist of a link to a public Strava/Garmin activity or photo of your recording device summary including evidence of the date of completion.
  • In all cases of doubt the decision of the club Coaching Director is final.

Why Commit To Something So Ridiculous

At the end of the Ten Percent Tour, fully financial athlete category club members who have completed at least 80% of all stages (17 of 21) will be eligible for one of four glorious “jerseys” at Tour completion. Yes, just like the real TdF! Pick your target early for the best chance of leading on the final day.

  • Yellow (GC) Jersey – Highest aggregate point scorer, the overall winner of course. For each completed stage “GC” (General Classification) Points will be awarded according to the following formula: GC = distance(km) + elevation(m)/10 + time(min)/10. If running then the distance and elevation count double. If swimming then the distance is worth 10 x and elevation used is the distance(m) divided by 50.
  • Green (Sprinters) Jersey – Fastest average speed. If running then speed is multiplied by 2.5 and if swimming then speed is 10x.
  • Polka Dot (Climbers) Jersey – greatest sum of VAMs (velocità ascensionale media or the rate of metres climbed per hour) from all stages. If a running stage then elevation used is increased by 50% and if swimming then elevation is one fifth of the distance swum in metres.
  • White (Young Rider’s) Jersey – The highest GC point scorer from C-Group club riders. Classification for eligibility will be determined by the coaching director after the completion of Stage 6 for those members who can still complete the requisite number of stages.
  • Red (Most Combative) award – The competitor with the greatest total of stage completions (one swim, cycle and run completion available each stage for a maximum 63 during the Tour.)
  • GC Points can only be earned for one discipline for each stage. If multiple “legs” are completed the highest GC score achieved in one activity shall be used.
  • BONUS: There will be a 10% boost to all GC points earned at club organised sessions (swim, bike or run)


At the end of each stage a table of the current standings in each category shall be provided to help motivate you to keep up. The final four stages will have scores redacted to keep some mystery, and the last stage will be a “neutralised” procession, ending in a champagne breakfast with delectable French pastries. Announcement of the winners for each category will be made at the end of the final stage.

Terms, Conditions and Other Information

  • Any dangerous or unsafe behaviour during a stage of the Tour will result in disqualification from that stage
  • Repeated sanctions may result in removal from the Tour altogether
  • Indoor activities will be accepted as eligible for stage completion and GC Points, however indoor elevation will only be recognised if performed on a controllable “smart” trainer
  • Where no distance data is available for indoor activities, distance shall be recorded as 40% of the duration(min)
  • You’re all adults, please behave as if you are representing the club at all times while completing