Insurance and Liability

Are you insured?

One question that keeps being asked about our training groups is that of insurance.  “Am I covered if there is no coach?” being the most common.  The simple answer is, you aren’t covered even if there is a coach.  Nor are you covered if you are under the direct tuition of a private coach.  For many people this is a big surprise!

The insurance that the club and a coach hold are nearly identical, they are there to protect the organisation from personal or public liability for decisions they make in good faith.  It doesn’t cover damage to your property or personal injury unless you can demonstrate (through legal action) that the organisation or coach was directly at fault in the cause.

So what does this mean for me?

It is important to understand the implications not just in the event that you or your property gets damaged but also in case you are the cause of somebody else’s loss.  If they are covered by insurance then you must be aware that their insurance company is likely to seek to recover some of their costs from you personally.  This places you at great financial risk!  Find yourself causing an accident out on a ride that totals a new $100,000 Landcruiser and it’s a very expensive lesson to learn.

What can I do about it?

Luckily as a member of Triathlon Australia (the bulk of your club membership cost) you have cover for both personal injury and public liability (i.e. the loss of others due to you) while training and racing in Australia for a price well under what you would pay if you sought it through an independent insurer.  If you’re unlucky a single claim could pay for the cost of 100 years’ worth of membership.  To see the full details of cover available through TA please head to their website.

So when it comes time to decide whether to be sign up as a member to this or any other club don’t just think about the cost and the more tangible benefits of membership like reduced race fees and other discounts.  Of course, it will never happen to you…until it does.  Is your family’s financial safety worth a cup of coffee a week?  If you aren’t already a full club member consider joining now.