Sunsmart Women’s Tri


Always a fantastic event, the 2018 Sunsmart Women’s Tri was a windy but enjoyable day out.

Anna did the mini which has lit a fire under her after missing a podium place in her age group. She will be working extra hard in the pool over coming months.

Jenny did her first sprint. She said of the event, “Great course, cross wind on the ride was a bit challenging, but it was also a blessing having the wind on the run course.” She is already planning her next race.

The blokes were down there supporting with unofficial club photographer Alex capturing the event and Coach Rob helping as a TO.

Shoalwater Classic seals second place for the wolf pack


The Rockingham Tri Club Shoalwater Classic was a battle for club points. PHTC was third on the clubs ladder and a good turnout at Shoalwater ensured we jumped up to second place.

The night before the race was wild and windy but mother nature turned on a beautiful morning. Everyone had a great race and a dedicated crew of supporters from the wolf pack rode the blustery freeway to support the crew.

The Prez got back in the saddle and Nikky and Leanne took the plunge and did their first Olympic distance race.

Fun and racing on the coral coast


It was a fantastic road trip for the wolf pack with lots of family fun and podiums at the Allbarnone Jurien Bay triathlon.

The weather was warm and windy with bonus kms on the bike course but this was made up with the run course being a few hundred metres short. It seems the stingers were out to play (but thankfully no sharks!) with a few people copping a sting or seven.

Coach Peta thought it was a cracker day.

“One of the highlights of the day for the pack was supporting each other, all the big smiles and high fives throughout the race in spite of it being a pretty tough challenge,” she said.

“Turquoise Bay is a tough course, particularly the bike, but I highly recommend getting behind it and getting your clubs down there. It’s a terrific course and a great place for a weekend away.”

Big congratulations to Brett on his first medal, to Ian and Alex on their first full Olympic and young Caitlin who had her OWS race.


Brett McCrum – BRONZE in the Male 50-59 Fun

Caitlin Gray – GOLD in the Female 14-19 Fun

Jenny Watson – BRONZE in the Female 40-49 Novice

Matt Snell – SILVER in the Male 40-49 Olympic

More medals at Bunbury Sufferfest 2018


It was a flat, fast and furious course at the 2018 Bunbury Sufferfest and the perfect course to showcase your speed. The swim was flat and calm, the ride course had some head wind offset by a long road of tailwind and a scenic run course with some dragon boat obstacles. And after taking out some medals there is no doubt the wolves will be back for this next year.

  • Emma Moon – GOLD Olympic 30-39
  • Sue Thomas SILVER Aquabike 50-59
  • Peta Woodland SILVER Half-Ironfest 40-49
  • Leanne Dingle – SILVER Sprintfest 18-29

IM Busselton Race Report 2017


The wolf pack had an amazing day at Busselton Ironman and 70.3. Monica got a 3rd in her age group, Ian did his fifth Busso IM and these awesome athletes completed their first event: Justine T, Jason D, Moana M, Monica B and Shane M.

Bill H on the 70.3 run

Jean F looking cool as a cucumber

Carley R
Busso 70.3 IM was an interesting start. I had started the swim 500m in and found myself turned back to shore with a shark who came to checkout the action. The ride and run were hot! By far my favorite was finishing, coming back and cheering our amazing IM athletes home. It was so much fun at the PHTC tent. Thanks everyone!!

Jason D
It was my first time competing in a half ironman and second ever triathlon (power station tri the weekend before was my first). I did a lot of the training myself and came up with my own program. I tried to get to as many swims with PHTC as I could when I wasn’t working. I felt confident leading into Busso that I would make it to the end. I made it almost half way around the swim before being pulled from the water. I loved the ride course along the coast and into the tuart forrest and was feeling really good out of T2. The first lap of the run I set a PB over 12km before I started to fade with sore legs and the heat picking up. I was really happy with my time (4h44m) and exceeded all expectations. I have now signed up for the May event as I feel I have unfinished business after the swim was cut short.

Ian H did his fifth Busso IM

Roz H completed her 4th 70.3 like a champ – finishing the run with some leg pain but pushed through.

Kellie M on the run of her second 70.3

Mike F looking like he’s enjoying the run

Moana M
If there is an Iconic swim in Australia, it is Busso, so to have that taken away was disappointing but the right call to make. I struggle with the swim. It has never been my strongest leg of any triathlon. And yet my name means the Ocean.. go figure! I had trained consistently over 6 months and have managed to pull off a swimming fitness that took out my running fitness. I will never know now how well I would have done in the swim. WA needs to do something about making the ocean safe again.

Moving on a flat bike course is great in an OD or Sprint but for 6.5 hrs it was brutal, constantly pedalling with no respite. Wind picked up in the 2nd lap, the heat was intense. Heat rose from the ground and my feet underneath were burning. I had developed small blisters which hurt when pedalling. My pace slowed but managed to get off the bike in 6hrs 45 mins.

I went out on the run with great intentions but knew that was a pipe dream. Demons were at play. I threw up 3 times – Endura electrolytes stomach could not take it. I ended doing a marathon run on Coke and water. The soles of my feet were killing me. The demon resurfaced and was telling me, you are not going to make the cut off time. Support offered to me came in the form of Club alley, my cousin Lou, Coach Trav, Kingsley and Yanti and would you believe it a childhood friend with Yanti I hadn’t seen in 40 yrs.

On the last lap my body was struggling and shutting down. I pushed through, got rid of the demons and ran/shuffled through to hit the IM carpet and call it – Job Done – I am an Ironman! I am walking a bit funny the day after but the medal, finishers towel & t-shirt were worth it. Do I see myself doing another Ironman? Of course – I have unfinished business. A jetty swim.  Maybe a crack at Ironman NZ – no sharks or bushfires! Thank you IM Busso for the experience!

Monica B – 3rd in her age group!
My journey to Ironman Busselton was an unplanned adventure. This time last year I thought it might be fun to do a triathlon.  I met some amazing people at Armadale swimming pool who thought I could, supported and sometimes gently pushed me towards the finish line. I am so honoured to a part of this diverse group of wonderful people who are fantastic role models for all of our families.

Peta W
It was hot, horrible and relentless. Getting that one done was more satisfying than the one I did injured in 2015. Just because there was no swim did not make it easier. In many ways it made it harder. Not warmed up, too fresh were some of the comments. All I can say is it hurt… when I wanted to quit, I just wanted to get back to the club tent because I knew they would help me keep going. I have no idea of my times.  I finished near the bottom of my age group but based on state numbers 20% failed to finish in my age group so I will take my finish and be proud. Thanks to our supporters, you got me through!

Shane M doing his first IM

Matt F looking strong on the run

Justine T
Cried and then got my smile on – 2nd time no swim for me at Busso – damn sharks. Nailed a new PB on the bike. Died in the run – too hot. The team was amazing support!

IM fun and our terrific volunteers and support crew

Massive turnout at Mandurah interclub tri


It doesn’t get any better than this. The 25th annual Mandurah Tri Club interclub championships were an absolute blast with Perth Hills Tri Club showing how it’s done.

Triathlon is mostly an individual pursuit but once a year we compete club against club. Our little club had 30 participants (that’s more than 40% of eligible members) and a huge support crew out for this fun club event.

The weather was perfect with temps in the high 20s, calm waters and a light breeze. A new transition area and run course provided plenty of entertainment for the spectators (not least of all the competitors trying to navigate the last km of the run leg).

Abdul and James had a great day, backing up from Saturday’s Power Station tri and the novice crew gave a great showing with Alex, Crystal and Trish making it look easy. Trish took a spill on the bike course and got herself some gravel rash to show for it but she powered on for a strong finish. All of our coaches were on course with Coach Yanti still recovering from a 10km open water swim the day before and Coach Peta having a great race in prep for Busso.

Top male finishers: Matt Snell, James Maycock, Mike Burns

Top female finishers: Emma Moon, Peta Woodland, Floora De Wit


Wolves fire up at power station


The Power Station Triathlon was a fast, fun event with a few members from the Perth Hills Triathlon Club competing. A late change during the week to the transition area meant the swim course was altered, the bike course had a new start and finish and the run was reversed. This didn’t deter the three wolves who were pumped and ready to go.

The course consisted of a 750m swim, 23km ride and a 4km run. The swim was made easier as almost all of it was with the current. The ride was made up of five laps with a lot of tight turns and a couple of railway crossings. The run was two laps along the windy coastal path. A very flat course meant the hills were not calling today.

Jason was at his first ever triathlon and thought it would be a good idea to see what it was all about before racing in the 70.3 at Busselton next week. He was 3rd fastest out of the water, held his own on the bike and finished 7th in his category.

James thought it was a fun and friendly event and a good way to start off the season. He was only a few seconds behind Jason on the swim and ride but smashed out a 16:50 4km run to finish in a time of 1:13:57. A nice way to stretch out the legs before resting up for the Mandurah Interclubs the following day.

Abdul came into the event thinking he would take it easy as he was also racing at Interclubs on Sunday. He started off by coming out of the water 13th in a time of 15:15. He enjoyed the tight turns on the bike course but was missing the hills and almost lost count of how many laps he had done. A solid run gave him a total time of 1:22:46.

A great day was had by all with another event done for the season but with plenty more to come.

Sufferfest Rottnest 2017


Ten wolves headed over to beautiful Rottnest Island for the aptly named Sufferfest event however it seems all eyes were on the two metre shark which saw the first group of swimmers pulled from the water and all further swim legs cancelled.

Later triathlon events were converted to a duathlon format with the first leg a short sprint to get the heart pumping. It caused a bit of a scrum at T1 and having to carry the bike through sand was an added challenge but in true wolf style they got it done.

Poor Jeff was all set to do his first tri and the shark robbed him of that chance so he will give it another crack at Mandurah, but he did an admirable job in the duathlon.

The undeniable highlight of this race is, of course, the amazing scenery and the 20km bike course which took in most of the island – although one or two long course athletes did find the fourth tour a bit less exciting than the first couple.

The sun shone brightly on Saturday and with a late start, most athletes battled the heat with racers having to bike and run through the midday sun. Many found this a big challenge but I’m sure it made the beers taste all the sweeter at the obligatory post-race session at the Rotto Hotel.

All the athletes were thankful of the support from the crew who came over for the race and give them a big wolf howl for their support during training and racing.

Podium Report
– Big congratulations to Mike who took a silver in the Aquabike with a margin of only one second!
– Shout out to Floora who missed out on bronze in the sprint by 24 seconds.


Point Walter Enduro 2017


It was enduro mayhem and a podium trifecta at the Point Walter All Bar None event with an exciting teams format that had everyone guessing – even the organisers.

Teams of two were competing in one of two categories – either combined age over 70 or combined age under 70. The enduro-style race included a 500m swim, 18km bike and 4km run for each person, but with the added excitement of tagging each other in and out of the race.

The format, while slightly daunting, made for a lot of fun and spectator involvement. Six laps to make up one 9km bike leg meant spectators got a real show and the athletes got to enjoy the race too while waiting for their next leg. As one athlete commented, it’s not often you get to stop twice mid race and cheer on your mates.

Special mention to novice Alex who took out a medal in his first event.

Podium Report
Podium clean sweep for the mens over 70s teams
– Gold to Ian and Shannon in the over 70 male category
– Silver to Mike and Justin in the over 70 male category
– Bronze to Mark and Bill in the over 70 male category
– Plus a silver to Alex and Abdul in the under 70 male category

Triathlon Pink 2017


Some of our female novice’s took the plunge and competed in the Ramsay Health Care Triathlon Pink – the national all-female triathlon series which helps raise funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. These awesome athletes have been working hard under the tutelage of Coach Slim. Congratulations Kobie, Karen, Sue, Trish and Jodie.